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Velis Leather – production of home slippers and slippers of genuine leather

Velis Leather Online Slippers and Slippers Shop offers you a variety of men’s home slippers, ladies home slippers, men’s slippers, ladies slippers, baby boots, baby slippers, teen slippers and other leather products.
For the sake of your health, Velis products are made of high quality lambskin – crack, tula, napalan and more.
We use genuine leather with proven strength and durability in accordance with European standards.
Natural wool has the unique ability to “breathe” by regulating your body temperature no matter the season – in winter it produces heat (without warming) and in the summer keeps your body cool. The wool is precision machined to provide maximum softness and comfort.
The soles of the articles are handmade according to the European requirements.

Velis was established in 1993. Its initial activity was the production of work gloves. Started as a small family-owned company in 2000, its business is redirected to the production of boutique home slippers, slippers, baby boots and genuine leather gloves.

We work with a large color range of high quality lambskin, which comes with different treatments – silicone, creased, laser, jungle, crack, paraffinized and more.

Through the wide variety we offer, we strive to satisfy our customers’ tastes.
Velis has a distribution network all over the country and partners abroad.

Thank you for choosing us !!!

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